Harvest Festival

On Wednesday 14th October we put on our welly boots and hiked all the way across the field to St Marks Church for our Harvest Festival.

The Children had lots of fun singing songs we had practised and acting out the story of the Little Red Hen.

We donated our rather heavy box of food we had collected and Reverend Kelvin Taylor led us in a short payer to say Thank you for the Harvest.

All the children had a wonderful time and before we knew it we were racing across the field back to nursery.

Thank you to all parents and staff who supported us by donating food and/or meeting us at the church.


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Our Harvest Songs

Big Red Combine Harvester

Big red combine harvester,

Big red combine harvester,

Big red combine harvester,

Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away.

Clattering on, combine harvester,….

Cutting the corn, combine harvester,…

Big red combine harvester,…


Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

When all the cows were sleeping and the sun was behind a cloud.

Up jumped a scarecrow and shouted very LOUD!

“I’m a Jingle Jangle scarecrow with a flippy floppy hat.

I can shake my arms like this! And shake my arms like that!”


Oats and beans and barley grow.

Oats and beans and barley grow,
Oats and beans and barley grow,
Do you or I or anyone know how oats and beans and barley grow.

First the farmer plants the seeds,
Stands up tall and takes his ease,
Stamps his feet and claps his hands,
And turns around to view his lands.


Thank you god for the Harvest

Gather up a box of pears
Box of pears box of pears
Gather up a box of pears
Thank you God for the harvest
Foglie (Italian Song with English translation)

Vola vola. Fogliolina. Vola su ,vola giu. Giallo, rosso, arancio. Vola su, vola giu. Bye bye a primavera


Fly flyLittle Leaves. Fly up, fly down. Yellow, Red, Orange. Fly up, fly down. Bye bye to spring.


Check out our Gardens

Following the Outdoor and Risky Play training attended by our staff, we have looked at ways of improving our outside space.

We have made the pre-school front garden larger and really thought about what is important to the children’s learning and development.

The pre-school staff have moved equipment, for example, the play house to create a muddy kitchen/ home corner and we have made our digging area larger and added media to enhance the children’s discovery and play.

The younger children have also gained a digging area in sand trays and we have made art easels shorter so they can create wonderful master pieces.

The children have lots of space to move around and they enjoy looking through to the children on the other side of the garden.

The staff have worked really hard on making the garden an extension of the class room and we are really proud of them.

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